Sunday, January 17, 2016

Moving Part 1: Living Room Design

In a couple of months we will be moving to a new house. Luckily we aren't moving far, so (fingers crossed) it shouldn't be too stressful. Even though there are lots of things not to like about moving: the upheaval, the chaos, the physical labour; there is one thing that I really do love about moving: getting to start fresh with a clean slate!
I love the potential of a new space. It presents an opportunity to get rid of things, find new ways to use or display things you already own, and an excuse to buy some new things. So, while I know it will take time to settle into our new home, arrange our belongings and purchase a few new pieces, it is still really fun to plan our new digs.
I have been playing around with a lot of designs and ideas. I love to create inspiration boards like the one below because they help me get a sense of the overall feeling and colours that I want to incorporate into a room. I know that our living room won't look exactly like this, but this is the vibe that I'm going for:

1. Sea Art Print by Studio VII from Society6 | 2. TX02 Art Print by Georgiana Paraschiv from Society6 | 3. Hektar Floor Lamp from Ikea | 4. Large Wire Basket from H&M | 5. Arm Chair from | 6. Kilim Pillow from Urban Outfitters | 7. International Lux Coffee Table from | 8. Rug from Urban Outfitters | 9. Gold Pouf from Lulu and Georgia | 10. Sofa from | 11. Eye Pillow from Urban Outfitters

Over the coming weeks I hope to put together similar inspiration boards for a few more rooms. Stay tuned!


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