Saturday, January 30, 2016

Valentine's Day Round-Up

You guys, I love Valentine's day; not for any sappy or sentimental reasons. I think my love for Valentine's day really centers around all of the cute and creative craft and gift options. Just do a quick search on Pinterest, and you will be overwhelmed with ideas.
This year I plan to do a couple of easy craft projects, which I will share here (including one free printable)! I have also been spending way too much time searching online for sweet gift ideas. Here are my favorites:

1. Cute T-shirts for the kids. I think these ones are sweet without being too cutesy:

Love Cloud T-shirt from JaxandAce.

Kawaii Heart T-shirt from Whistle & Flute Clothing.

2.  You can never have too many accessories:

This adorable zipper pouch from Paper Source.

 Pink Heart Necklace from Paper Source.

XO Metallic Temporary Tattoos from HappyTatts.

3. Last, but not least: balloons and confetti (of course)!

XO Balloons from The Party Dialect.

Hearts Tissue Paper Confetti from Paper Source.

Happy Heart Day, and stay tuned for some Valentine's-Themed craft projects!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Moving Part 2: Dining Room Design

I had a harder time designing this room. I'm not sure why.... I know that I definitely want a blonde-wood dining table, black dining chairs, and a white sideboard. I guess it was the accessories that tripped me up this time. I love all of the pieces individually, just trying to decide if they work together. I would love to hear your feedback!

P.S. How cute is that donut print?

1. Donut Art Print by Fah + Mindo from Society6 | 2. Good Vibes Only Print by Pink Sunset from Society6 | 3. Besta Sideboard from Ikea | 4. Pineapple Candle from h&m | 5. Black Vase from h&m | 6. IDOLF Black chair from Ikea | 7. Triangle Rug from Urban Outfitters | 8. LISABO Dining Table from Ikea | 9. Geodesic Bowl from CB2 | 10. Black Chair from


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Moving Part 1: Living Room Design

In a couple of months we will be moving to a new house. Luckily we aren't moving far, so (fingers crossed) it shouldn't be too stressful. Even though there are lots of things not to like about moving: the upheaval, the chaos, the physical labour; there is one thing that I really do love about moving: getting to start fresh with a clean slate!
I love the potential of a new space. It presents an opportunity to get rid of things, find new ways to use or display things you already own, and an excuse to buy some new things. So, while I know it will take time to settle into our new home, arrange our belongings and purchase a few new pieces, it is still really fun to plan our new digs.
I have been playing around with a lot of designs and ideas. I love to create inspiration boards like the one below because they help me get a sense of the overall feeling and colours that I want to incorporate into a room. I know that our living room won't look exactly like this, but this is the vibe that I'm going for:

1. Sea Art Print by Studio VII from Society6 | 2. TX02 Art Print by Georgiana Paraschiv from Society6 | 3. Hektar Floor Lamp from Ikea | 4. Large Wire Basket from H&M | 5. Arm Chair from | 6. Kilim Pillow from Urban Outfitters | 7. International Lux Coffee Table from | 8. Rug from Urban Outfitters | 9. Gold Pouf from Lulu and Georgia | 10. Sofa from | 11. Eye Pillow from Urban Outfitters

Over the coming weeks I hope to put together similar inspiration boards for a few more rooms. Stay tuned!


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Two Good Things...

Today I am writing about two good (actually great) things:

1. Getting more sleep
2. A free printable

If you are over the age of 5, you probably like sleep and do your best to get a reasonable amount. If you are under the age of 5, you probably try to avoid sleep like the plague. If you are the parent of someone under the age of 5, this can be a problem.

My daughter has always been a relatively good sleeper, however she did have a tendency to start her day ridiculously early (5:30 am) when she was little (ages 1 - 4). Then, when she was about 4 years old, she started waking up a few times during the night. I did not enjoy this new development. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and come up with a reward system that might help her sleep through the night again.

I came up with "sleep tickets". I designed a bunch of these cute tickets, printed them on card stock and cut them out. Each morning, if my daughter had had a good night's sleep (no wake-ups), she received a sleep ticket. At the end of a set period of time, we counted up her sleep tickets, and if she had enough, she got a reward.

My daughter is incredibly reward-motivated, so this system worked like a charm! I do not claim to be an expert on getting children to sleep better, but the sleep tickets worked for us. And if it helps at least one little munchkin (and their parents) get a bit more rest, then I call that a success!

You can download your free printable right here.

Simply print, cut out and enjoy!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Ode To Coffee...

Okay, so I might be a little bit (lot a bit) obsessed with coffee. Like, it makes me really really happy. A strong, dark roast in the morning gets me going, and a good latte in the afternoon has the ability to completely turn my day around.
My husband knows how much I rely on/love coffee, which is why he got me this ah-mazing mug for Christmas! It makes me smile every day.

You can get your very own at indigo.

So, I was inspired to put together a little round-up, based on my undying love for coffee...

1. This print, by Matthew Taylor Wilson on Society6 is everything!!! I take my coffee black, so it is the perfect fit.

2. This T-shirt really gets to the point, no messing around. I like that.

3. This is such a pretty print. It would look lovey hanging over my desk.

4. And last but not least, my favourite brew from Kicking Horse. So good!

Here's to a new week; stay caffeinated, stay creative, and stay warm (it's chilly here in Toronto)!


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Here's to new beginnings...

Image cred: PinkPot

Here's to a new year full of potential!
It appears that I have abandoned this blog for long enough. Finally, the pull to create and share my creations has gotten so strong that I can no longer ignore it. That's a dramatic way of saying: I'm ready to take some concrete steps towards living a more creative life and putting my art 'out there' - ha!
I find myself constantly composing blog posts in my head, or coming up with ideas for designs or paintings. And I guess it just feels like the right time to get those things out of my head.
The kids are a little bit older now and are both in school full time. So, that frees up a bit of my energy. Plus, we are living close to family again. I guess there is something about having the security of family, friends and supporters around that makes me more inclined to take risks (I am naturally so incredibly risk-adverse)!
So, here it goes.... Here are my goals for 2016:

1. Start posting on this blog again (at least 3 times per week).
2. Open an etsy store, focusing on printables of my designs. I have signed up for Etsy Resolution Canada - an amazing-sounding group that I hope will give me the motivation and the tools to finally get my store up and running. Sign up before Jan 25th!!!
3. To sell at least one piece on society6.
4. To work on at least one painting per month.

So, there you have it, my goals for the new year. I will keep you posted on my progress. Did you make any resolutions or goals for 2016? I would love to hear them!