Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wallpaper: Help me make a decision

The wallpaper trend is still going strong, and as a result there are a ton of gorgeous papers out there. However, for someone who is "decision challenged", such as myself, the abundance of choices can make it rather difficult to pick just one. So, I was hoping to get a little help selecting a wallpaper design for our dining room wall.

Here is a photo of the wall we are planning to paper, along with 4 runner-up designs. The plan is to remove the picture ledge, wallpaper the whole wall, and then frame and hang all of the pictures (on that wall). So far, the dining room is relatively neutral - the chair covers are black and white. However, the main colors in the adjoining living room are blue, teal and yellow.

So, which do you like best:

1. Family Tree in petrol by Ferm Living
2. Modern Birdcage in ebony by Graham & Brown
3. Silver and Yellow Flowers by Moda Wallpaper
4. Elinor in duck egg by Graham & Brown

Or maybe you can suggest something else. Let me know!